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Created July 06, 2022

Surrealism Remix Competition

Alrighty my guys! The winners are announced! Gotta say, even tho there were only 5 submissions, this was extremely difficult to judge.

3rd Place: OFT. Gotta say man, this track put a great spin on SURREALISM. The DnB drums and the slightly ambient intro really sold it. Tbh it made me think of a track by WRLD (a monstercat artist btw). The only critique I would make is that I wish and my headphones broke recently so maybe my speakers just suck ;;- the drop was a little bit less distorted. Amazing job man!
2nd place: Hyphen. Bro… I’m terrible at genres, but whatever that genre was, it was amazing! Totally something I would bash my head to. Really added to the intensity of SURREALISM. I would have personally made the lead in the 2nd half of the drop slightly more ambient, but again, it did really increase the headbanger/intense quality. GJ!
And finally, our winner is…… 4xHarley!!! Man, seriously, this track blew my mind. I would have never thought someone would make a cinematic remix. It was absolutely amazing, You completely transformed the track while still keeping the original elements like the melodies and chords. Amazing job man!
As for Missiony and Lettasu, y’all also did an amazing job, but here are some critiques I would give. Lettasu, your track gave me sort of an Au5 vibe, which was aboslutely amazing, but I would say that it should have been slightly less distorted. Maybe some added reverb and more ear candy.
Missiony, your track was definately ambient, and had more of an EDMish feel to it for sure, but it didn’t really expand on the track as I would have liked it to. All in all you both still did a great job.
Alrighty, that’s all folks! Congrats to all of the winners! You all did an amazing job! I will be contacting y’all within the next week about prizes. I am in the middle of moving back into my house that me and my family have been out of for 6 months, so this weekend will be a little too busy for me to distribute everything, but I give you my word, I will get the prizes out. Pls have mercy :)
And for those of you who did not submit a remix, feel free to still download the sng! Do what you will, just be sure to give credit.
Thank you to all the participants! I’ll see you guys around! have an amazing day!
SNG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IQfQrDxtve-lCpj2ymYqGNsyTqRVNJV-/view?usp=sharing


Hyphen Avatar
about 2 years ago

Guess who won't get theirs in in time!

Hint: It's me

Missiony Avatar
about 2 years ago

i wont be available til friday afternoon as i am on vacation rn. maybe saturday idk

4xharley Avatar
about 2 years ago

ok, i will post the other one without posting it in this group

josephthegiant Avatar
about 2 years ago

Sure! Just be sure that you only submit the Soundation one tho. I will only accept 1 soundation submission from each person.

4xharley Avatar
about 2 years ago

can i make a remix in fl and then one in soundation?

4xharley Avatar
about 2 years ago