Created March 07, 2016

Soundation Stars

This Group is for all the stars of Soundation! Keep Shining!


PM me if your sick of the corona virus!! : )

over 1 year ago

im ur 400th member

over 1 year ago

hello boys

My track, The Biggest Event is now REMIXED!!

Treyz Beats
over 1 year ago

Hey everyone! I have 6 tracks you can now listen to on Spotify! If you like chillhop/Lo-Fi beats of that sort, then you might find one you like. You can support me by following me there or even adding it to your playlist! Much appreciated and thanks!

Hey, if you like my songs, then you will like my channel!😀

Lol this is fun.

over 1 year ago

I'm back. This is my new track: