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Created April 06, 2016

General Discussion

This group is for general discussion only.

Please feel free to talk about anything outside of Soundation here.
You can talk about for example a happening, other DAW’s etc…

Remember to follow the community guidelines!


GøldenBeats  Avatar
about 7 years ago

Sup guys!;)

about 7 years ago

@.::.X-BEATZ.::. WTF???

.::.X-BEATZ.::. Avatar
about 7 years ago

a teacher says "Who ever stands up is stupid" no one stands, again the teacher says "Who ever stands up is stupid" then a kid stands up. the teacher says "so, you think your stupid?" then the kid says " No i thought you were lonely being the only one standing."

BaconBurger Avatar
about 7 years ago

Opc do you really think that that's appropriate after what just happened? Delete the comment and go away

about 7 years ago

I'm REALLY sorry ozcii. Even though I haven't even left a single comment on here, I'm sorry. I didn't want this group to mess up like this. I'm not going to say anything towards anyone about spamming and messing up this group because no one's perfect. But this seemed like such a great idea... Sorry it had to be like this, bro. :(

Joakim PFX Avatar
Joakim PFX
about 7 years ago

Sorry to see that this experiment blew up so quickly. It seems like this turned more into a playground than anything else. Both ozcii and us had higher hopes for a better start here. I've talked to ozcii now and decided to remove the feature. Thank you ozcii for giving it a go!

dxtrellis Avatar
about 7 years ago

@all. Even though I do not run this group, I will say this - what you all have done is completely unacceptable. Just because you don't see Joakim's name in the members doesn't mean you can fuck around and break all of the rules purposefully. You may not want to agree with what i say and tell me that i have no authority, but remember, you as a community have elected me and cyberbit as your community moderators. So i'm putting down my foot with the authority you all have given me. Stop this now. You've driven off two of my great friends on this site.

ozcii Avatar
about 7 years ago

do whatever the fuck you want, the group is fucked enough already

DUTCH Avatar
about 7 years ago

I think this group needs a cleanup of comments and a new better start

Fountain Avatar
about 7 years ago

fam how are you gonna run da groop if youre gone ?????