Community Guidelines

Our Mantra

The mission of Soundation is to provide everyone the possibility to make music online. The Community is an extension of this mission, giving everyone the possibility to post, share and receive feedback on their work. Our community include people from all over the world so expect different views and opinions. Being part of our community means you have some responsibilities, so be nice!

Looking good:

Show respect
With such an international user base everyone needs to be tolerant to one another. Your views may differ and you may well have disagreements but you can still show each other respect. Take it as an opportunity to learn. If you feel someone is being abusive or expressing a view that is offensive or harmful you can report a user to let us know.

Be constructive
Is your comment something that you would appreciate? We are all at different levels and constructive criticism is valuable for learning. Feel free to express your opinion, but remember that bashing is not constructive.

Share your work
Through Soundation you can unleash your creativity and share it with the world! However, only use and upload what you have created or have permission to share. Please read more in our Licensing Agreement.

Looking bad:

Inappropriate behavior
Soundation is not a place for bullying, abuse, obscenity or offensive behavior. You are held responsible for what is written and shared from your account. Repeated violations and warnings may result in suspension.

Sharing the work of others
Do not upload or use other artists work without permission. You are responsible for what you share and that you have the rights to do so. If a rights-holder notifies us of any copyright infringement, whether it be for audio, images or text you will be warned. With repeated violation of copyright you run the risk of having your account suspended.

Please consider the way you promote yourself in the community. Copy-paste posting all over can be considered spamming. The more personal you are in your interactions the better! Using fake accounts, fake likes or other to better your position in the community in any way is not tolerated. We will remove any fakes and you run the risk of being suspended. Promoting products or services can be considered spam. Posting links to torrents or sites infringing on copyright is not allowed.

Our Reserved Rights:

Team Soundation reserves the right to suspend or remove anyone or any content it feels is inappropriate. We do not do this indiscriminately or usually without a warning. Please read more in our Licensing Agreement. as to what we may find inappropriate and follow above guidelines. Let's continue to build this community together!