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Created January 22, 2013

Cheapskates (free users unite!)

Think you need a premium account to make good music on here? Nah that’s rubbish, I am a free users and think soundation is great without any of the paid stuff. So if you want to show off what you can do with a free account join now and post your stuff. Have fun and share your music!

Edit: Soundation are making it harder and harder for new users, from restricting the number of instrument tracks in each project to removing automation. This is really unfortunate. All I can suggest for those who miss these features but do not want to pay a premium for them is that you give audiotool a try.


WaveForm Avatar
7 months ago

jeez this place feels dead

BeanWithGoggles (Offline) Avatar

im alive and radiate boss fight energy

Pamela Suozzi Avatar
Pamela Suozzi
10 months ago

Hey guys! Check out my Logic Pro X tutorial! https://soundation.com/user/pamsuozzi/track/logic-pro-x-tutorial

ロリーアナー Avatar
10 months ago

Finally, Soundation finally listens and makes all the good features free, and now I can go back to posting music on here. Thanks ig.

THOЯN Avatar
10 months ago

new album

Prod. GT Avatar
Prod. GT
10 months ago

UNDERRATED USER ALERT!!! https://soundation.com/user/CherryBomb16

BeanWithGoggles (Offline) Avatar

wip 2 out, read desc pls

minty Avatar
about 1 year ago

i've not been one to really share much of my music, but i'm really proud of this project i've been working on for a while. feel free to check it out if you want. :) https://soundation.com/user/mintymusic/track/fly-high