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平和の島 Avatar
over 11 years ago

Hello there! Okay, here's my feedback: 1) I noticed I have started a trend.. "Name That/This Track/Song" -thing with you! Right on. 2) Add some Limiter on the Master Channel's FX and, adjust the volume accordingly. 3) Ya know that one part, of your song, where the "kick"/bass finally comes into play? I'd throw that "kick" in about 4 bars before it's actual start [which.. it may be 8 bars, depending on the composition]. 4) It's original and, I like that fact alone! :) So the name might be.. "Mein Kopf Trance" or "My Head Trance". A little German, for ya hehe!

Soundtrakt Avatar
over 11 years ago

Call it: "That Badass Kid From Ontario"