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madhatter Avatar
about 3 years ago

Nice! This is really good! How do u do it? I cant make any good ones...

kiLL spyro Avatar
kiLL spyro
over 3 years ago

1) WOW THIS IS AMAZING 2) 1000th follower

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 4 years ago

@Spaes I wouldn't put depeche mode and notaker together... bad things might happen

SLOCM3Z Avatar
over 4 years ago

can I get that kick?

lolnessL3an77 Avatar
over 4 years ago

omgggg thats doppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

WolfGirl Avatar
almost 5 years ago

Awesome! xD

prince009 Avatar
almost 5 years ago

bro please help me to make beats like this

right nit Avatar
right nit
almost 5 years ago

@Spaez lol you like depeche mode way too much

Mammoth Reflection Avatar
Mammoth Reflection
almost 5 years ago

Totally Sick Man! When u gonna produce the next one of this league???

Dutch Avatar
almost 5 years ago

@Spaestaxx duhh ofcourse he is, he just didnt release in a long time. Also depeche mode is a bit weird to compare to this lmao