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Comment Spae Avatar
Comment Spae
about 1 year ago

lol this has been happening to me since 2015 and apparently i'm the one considered as not learning from anything the irony couldn't be thicker

Space Vibes Avatar
Space Vibes
almost 2 years ago

@fghjk12345tghyakdflafdsafdsafdsafda it helps if you point out what's wrong instead of insulting them, dick wad.

Comment Spae Avatar
Comment Spae
over 3 years ago

sigh and once again, someone repeats the exact same damn annotation made to me so many goddamn times before without any sort of basis despite me making it clear that it's annoying due to the fact that it comes out of nowhere under a blank manner of justification; AKA, "you haven't listened to a word i've said about how much baseless criticism annoys me because you musicians suck at social cues"

fghjk12345tghyakdflafdsafdsafdsafda Avatar

this sucks dog