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ArtWork Avatar
almost 10 years ago

@Treader: I usually only use the Library from drums. Rarely do I sample notes of any kind. Also, my timpani that sounds like a distant ethnic drum-line army. That is original. I just go to GM2-Beta, choose timpani, then go crazy! :D Glad you liked it. @(I can't type that but you know who you are): THANKS!! :D ... I think...

Ŧreadr Avatar
almost 10 years ago

• One: awesome song! • Two: it kinda sounds, uh, fake? It sounds like you used free sounds, but I know you didn't use any! :D • I'm gonna like it!

Tre∆dēß Th€ Sëcøñd Avatar
Tre∆dēß Th€ Sëcøñd
almost 10 years ago

^-^ O_o &_& ;_; (= Reverse phyco...something?

Selfee Avatar
about 10 years ago

this is AMAZING!!! these notes are soo intricate

ArtWork Avatar
about 10 years ago

Btw, Thanks dApl8ya, Complex, and Cal :) means a lot coming from you guys.

Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya) Avatar
Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya)
about 10 years ago

Song has a great feel to it!

ComPlex Avatar
about 10 years ago

Love the melodies, Quite enjoyable :)

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
about 10 years ago

love the piano about halfway in! cool track