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Sofia Losada Avatar
Sofia Losada
about 7 years ago

It sounds really well,you did a good work doing this. Congratulations

Isabella Rodriguez  Avatar
Isabella Rodriguez
about 7 years ago

Ilike your song i think you where really creative

Isabella Leon Avatar
Isabella Leon
about 7 years ago

good work i like it so much

Valentina Espinosa Avatar
Valentina Espinosa
about 7 years ago

Good work i like your melody

Valeria Zuñiga Avatar
Valeria Zuñiga
about 7 years ago

Good, it sounds nice, I really like the beginning

Laura Giraldo Avatar
Laura Giraldo
about 7 years ago

the changes of music and the different sounds make it sound good

MariaPaulaCendales Avatar
about 7 years ago

i think your work has a realy good rhythm

Laura Lopez Avatar
Laura Lopez
about 7 years ago

i like the sounds of the first part and the different sounds and rhythms you use

Ivanna Cárdenas  Avatar
Ivanna Cárdenas
about 7 years ago

i like the beginning and how it goes to the other part, the synth at the beginning is like an introduction to the rest of the music and it sounds really cool

Manuela Ramírez Avatar
Manuela Ramírez
about 7 years ago

I like the music and the different instruments you put you also had the correct time