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EDV!N - E ! Avatar
EDV!N - E !
over 9 years ago


Capsule Avatar
almost 10 years ago

you should let me change up the structure on this and clean it up for ya a bit more!

Capsule Avatar
almost 10 years ago

this is so sick! really like the leads and drop. advice watch you levels man! the pause before the drop is too long and the saw is a bit too detuned for my taste! but honestly with more work this track could go big!

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
almost 10 years ago

this is class, i love the drop. One thing I would change is the structure of the track because there should be more than one drop. maybe shorten the intro and buildup then have a 30 second drop and repeat. listen to some tracks you like and count how long the intro etc is and you'll see what I mean. Nice job though, the last few contest tracks you've done are getting better!

Cyverbit Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Oh man. This is so good. Those DRUMS DOE. Totally makes the track. A like from me.

Foresight Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Jeez dude. That drop lead has such a professional sound to it! Left you a like.

almost 10 years ago

Foooock man. This is an amazing track

DUTCH Avatar
almost 10 years ago

I don't know how you did this, caus tis is too good for words... I'm gonna smash that like button!