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R. Dash 5000
almost 7 years ago

great song! i can see this in a racing type game.

over 7 years ago

this is so cool

over 7 years ago


Faye Massey
almost 8 years ago

Can I download this?

almost 8 years ago

i would love to download this song to my android!

almost 8 years ago

after listening of this composition at me at once to the memory recured associations of games on prefixes when I played Mario, Jackie of a tub, Spider-Man, a fiery dragon, whether Bruce. These sounds as though returned me to the past when I was to little babies playing day and night in a prefix

almost 8 years ago

It's so good, I'm already singing to myself and I'm only halfway through. Incredible harmony, melody, beat, accompaniment, mood... awesome. Mastering could use a tiny bit of love, but it's nearly perfect in every way. Sort of like Mary Poppins.

MAGIC$0UND[formerly Alien]
almost 8 years ago

Tottally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

almost 8 years ago

incredible. here's a like