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8 months ago

You got nothing to apologise for. Amazing track <3

Elemental Music (#150Followers?!)
8 months ago

Its ok dave i dont blame u

Eden pigeøn♪
11 months ago

ya Lil' Reaper BeatFactory!Don't hate on ma boi WILLZBEEZ,He's freiken dope,

roix #featureiawake
11 months ago

@Trillan. Hint hint

Trillan #Barely Active
11 months ago

Its okay man! I remember I literally cried my self to sleep for 4 months a year ago and stopped talking to everyone because of my horrible grades and low self esteem. Just hang in there, and try to be the person you want to be. (Also I heard somewhere that if you make a bunch of fake accounts and like all my songs, then it will make you feel better, you should try that.)

Flagged. Pending CSI
Dead Dave
11 months ago

thanks LIL reaper, but don't hate on Willzbeez, he makes good music to, and apologized. (btw likes don't mean anything, it's the song itself that matters)

11 months ago

Also this is dope af

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
11 months ago

Jeez, Dave, quite beating yourself up. No need to apologize for whatever's going on in your life. Having to take medicine you don't want/need is tough. And rant ur lil' heart out. P.s.@WILLZBEEZ stfu dick, you'll never be on the same level as Dave, hell you can't even get onto my level, and that's sad. Start talking once you reach page 3 for likes

Editor Wardash
11 months ago

Don't be sorry Dave

11 months ago

lmao sorry for being a peice of shit