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Arcesius Avatar
over 7 years ago

@The Clever Whiz. I meant that the synths in this are dubstep based but i prefered to make a electro/party out of this. Thanks for the feed back

Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
over 7 years ago

I heard snippets of this and you really need feedback. I don't really listen to the whole of WIPS, I just look for areas that need improving on. This isn't really dubstep, did you tell me that it was in a email? It needs a slower heavier beat, get a kick and snare form the dubstep SPC kit in the sound shop. Also, if you haven't done this speed up the bpm to 140 because this doesn't sound 140. Transitions could be a little bit smoother as well, white noise could really help this out. I hope this helps! :)

Arcesius Avatar
over 7 years ago

@Arius. I will only do one if i get a good amonut of likes. Thank you very much though.

Noah Avatar
over 7 years ago

OMG THIS IS AWEZOME DIS IS INCREDIBLE +5000000000000 likes, please remix contest!