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Soundation Halloween contest

Halloween contest

The contest is over! Thanks everyone for your participation, it was a hard pick and lots of quality content to choose from, but we've finally decided on the lucky three.



🏆 1st place - FROGGYKID

For a clean mix, solid and airy balance in the arrangement and on point sonic references to Halloween, FROGGYKID grabs first place.

  • A year of Soundation Pro
  • A sample pack of choice
  • Your song featured on our website

🏆 2nd place - LOSTGODXERO

LOSTGODXERO made a jawdropping submission and if sound design was the main criteria it would be on top of the podium. A little hot on the levels and more menacing than creepy, but very impressive.

  • A year of Soundation Creator
  • A sample pack of choice

🏆 3rd place - RobSlayer

Rob came through with an pristine and evil DNB track. Bonus points for a crystal clear mix, but the evolution of the song could be a little less static.

  • A month of Soundation Creator
  • A sample pack of choice

Samples and beats

The samples and beats will still be around in the studio for anyone that wants to make creepy music even outside of Halloween season.

No sign-in required


Witches' house

Witches' house

Unholy Beatmaker

Unholy Beatmaker

Alien abduction

Alien abduction

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