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Soundation Against Suicide (Results here) Group Profile Picture
Created April 12, 2017

Soundation Against Suicide (Results here)

hello everybody, i am overdoze. now, if you now a little bit of my back story, i had multiple suicide attemps plus exactly 3/4 of them where i did have to go to the hospital. i may be not the only one on Soundation that had theses obscure and horrible thoughts and/or actions. thats why I decided to make a contest. i want YOU guys to write a song about either Suicide or Experience or it. unfortunately, I don’t think iAwake will grant me some good gift for the winners, so i’ll try to directly contact you for more details if you win. suicide is not an option, nor a way to go. i hope that everybody will do their best for this contest.


your song doesn’t need to be complicated or too good. do your best and have fun!

as for the “classement” (winner circle)
TOP 5:
-Will be part of the upcoming EP from a collective that me and some friends have builded during the past months
TOP 3:
Third position: have access to all my sng. files for remixes purpose
Second position: have the chance to have me as a teacher for Soundation Studio (mainely how to make Overdoze style, etc)
First position: Will be, if not already, part of the previoudly mentioned collective as an admin (plus having me for teacher as well)


5: Dead Dave – three.

4: Roix – this&that

3: Diansiji – Unbalanced

2: mondaze. – Needle Drop

1: Seven Of Clubs – oNe MiSSed cALL



yung m.r.e. Avatar
yung m.r.e.
over 6 years ago

lol this is the internet

overdoze Avatar
over 6 years ago

you can use any daws, but i'll give more points for Soundation Studio.

over 6 years ago

Kudos to you for being brave enough to make this group. I don't know many people who would speak out for stuff like this. I don't write many songs, but I'll try my best for this. ;)

blind euphoria. Avatar
blind euphoria.
over 6 years ago

This means a lot, since i'm super depressed and have thought about suicide. "Up In The Sky," which just released last week, is dedicated to those who have taken their own lives, so once the contest begins, i'll post that on here :)

HB Avatar
over 6 years ago

i have a few friends that have thought about suicide (plus one who has attempted countless times) so this really means a lot to me. I'm definitely going to enter with a real meaningful track. thank you for hosting this, and may the best artist win <3

AMT Avatar
over 6 years ago

wat up prepare for some good old soundation dubstep

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
over 6 years ago

this is gonna be great

Diansiji Avatar
over 6 years ago

Thanks for hosting this, I can't wait to hear what comes out of this!