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Recommend a feature

Created January 15, 2013

2017-10-12 From now on we will feature one track each week. On top of the feature we will also present the artist behind the compositions in our social media.

Official group for feature recommendations. Do not recommend yourself or ask to join.

Use this group to recommend us (Team Soundation) someone that you believe is worthy of feature on the Community page.


~ Cheers! ~
14 days ago

comments here low-key are like agt (or bgt) XD https://soundation.com/user/sonarisx/track/journey-to-the-end

15 days ago

and its also a free midi loop i believe which is not bad if used creatively like if you add on to it but that don't count vvvv

16 days ago

Okay, so first of all you should never recommend your own tracks, as is stated in the group description. Second, if you are using the default simple synth preset as you melody lead, I don't know why you are even bothering trying to get it featured.

16 days ago

I see a lot of potential in this user, and unfortunately I found out about them today. Event Horizon has really catchy melody, and a groovy, oldschool electro style. It would make for some diversity on the featured page! (: