Created January 15, 2013

Recommend a feature

2017-10-12 From now on we will feature one track each week. On top of the feature we will also present the artist behind the compositions in our social media.

Official group for feature recommendations. Do not recommend yourself or ask to join.

Use this group to recommend us (Team Soundation) someone that you believe is worthy of feature on the Community page.


Joakim PFX
about 6 years ago

@MΛ➩ŁΔCҚY Yeah, that would count as recommending yourself also :)

Joakim PFX
about 6 years ago

@duskmusicuk Thanks, that's what we hope for too! Now we just have to promote the group a little more so everyone knows about it hah. But so far so good, a couple of comments!

about 6 years ago

i'd like to recommend Ma-Lacky's Yaw Mon (WIP). It's just a wip, but it is THE wip. and you know what, when its finished, you'll just have another track to feature so yeah, i'll just install this into AWESOM-O'S data bank, http://soundation.com/user/ma-lacky/track/yaw-mon-wip there we go.

about 6 years ago

If you recomend a track you made with someone does it count as recomending yourself or...???

about 6 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/gohsded/track/scary-monsters-and-nice-sprites-gohsded-dubtrance-mix-11 This is by user gohsded, who is pretty underground and very talented. His stuff really amazes me.

about 6 years ago

I recommend you feature Nemox, he's a really talented and all he needs is a bit of recognition, I think this is his best song http://soundation.com/user/nemox/track/shark-jetpack in just 14 days since he published his first track he has really impressed me, and I think he will impress you too. thanks for taking into consideration my recommendation. Regards Dusk P.S. This is a fantastic idea, it'll keep the featured sections really interesting