Created January 15, 2013

Recommend a feature

2017-10-12 From now on we will feature one track each week. On top of the feature we will also present the artist behind the compositions in our social media.

Official group for feature recommendations. Do not recommend yourself or ask to join.

Use this group to recommend us (Team Soundation) someone that you believe is worthy of feature on the Community page.


over 3 years ago

@Bushido Brown by electro do you mean EDM? Unfortunately soundation is mostly EDM :/ I really wish there were other genres on here, such as rock, jazz, hip hop, and funk. Everybody seems to like EDM and it's almost the easiest to make in soundation cause most of the instruments you make your sounds with are electronic. I really do wish there was more classical, jazz, rock etc. that was just as popular as electronic stuff though, it seems like EDM is one of the only things on here :O

over 3 years ago

how come other genres don't get recognized? it's always electro. I've browsed though other genres and alot of talent isn't being respected enough.

over 3 years ago

@csullivan try making your own original melodies, chords, and sounds! That always ends up attracting a lot more followers, listens, likes, and comments. You can use the blue MIDI channels to do that :)

over 3 years ago

That's because @csullivan there are a TON of users that have shown tons of talent to the community, and you're gonna have to really work hard like I did and a lot of the other people here did to get to where you want to be. Make sure you're making original songs with your own unique style, and if people like it, they will click that like button and comment as well. Good luck in the community man, and don't worry if it takes a while, it took me a whole year to get where I am, and it probably took other people longer.

over 3 years ago

What about my nobody through the didistance people arnt even trying to listen to it the listens just stay the same and i put that track on almost every popular group and people just dont press like on any bodyies tracks any more why is it?

over 3 years ago

Im not recommending myself, so please don't get the wrong idea. But Mixdown-p recommended my song "Dreaming of You" but that version has a Bass that is out of control. I recently made a version that has that bass under control so i just want to give you guys the link with the proper song. http://soundation.com/user/Kryptikbeatz/track/dreaming-of-you-controlled-bass

3de World Reject
over 3 years ago

If u are into the retro kind of stuff, please have a listen to this http://soundation.com/user/bushidobrown/track/cold-warz