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Recommend a feature

Created January 15, 2013

2017-10-12 From now on we will feature one track each week. On top of the feature we will also present the artist behind the compositions in our social media.

Official group for feature recommendations. Do not recommend yourself or ask to join.

Use this group to recommend us (Team Soundation) someone that you believe is worthy of feature on the Community page.


₦Ø₮ ₦₳₥ł₦₲ ₦₳₥Ɇ₴ #FeatureIAwake
3 days ago

v What is even the point in doing that?

3 days ago

jk its borderline asa ninja

3 days ago

this better be featured now this is a masterpiece and the best song on soundation by far

Noah Kammer
4 days ago

lmfao holy shit vvvv