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Created July 09, 2017


Hello this group is mostly focused on hip hop or rap tracks


Mclaren21 Avatar
over 1 year ago

Should I add 1 of R.D3 Tracks back? YES OR NO

prod. inhale Avatar
prod. inhale
almost 2 years ago

ONE OF MY MOST FIRE BEATS: https://soundation.com/user/Freedom194/track/uppercut

CROSSbones Avatar
almost 2 years ago

Check out my collab with Pistache: https://soundation.com/user/CROSSbones/track/spectral-pistache-x-crossbones

prod. inhale Avatar
prod. inhale
almost 2 years ago

melodic vibey beattt: https://soundation.com/user/Freedom194/track/ambitions

Electric Thunder  Avatar
Electric Thunder
almost 2 years ago

I am still not quite good enough at rapping,I don't quite yet have that sound in my voice and I just sound like a kid reciting a poem to a beat but I'll get better yet.

sicko Avatar
almost 2 years ago

hi. umm..i really like making music, and enjoy being with others who do it too! I'm kinda new to this, and...yeah! I just want to make music, my dream has always been to be a Dj...but i love music and reading, i hope we can be friends!!