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Created July 15, 2014

One Collaboration

“Lets collaborate and communicate” we work together and give some feedback on what’s cracking, And remember we all can create something because I know you guys are talented, just feel and think of your creation, I mean sure, I’m 13, and have more experiences but I`m still learning to be a better music producer, and if you need help, chat with me (up at 10am) so join now and lets do some work, because if I can do it I know you can, and also I will later on get packs to help any one out that’s new are not, well good luck and keep your mind focused love yawl we out yaa $$$)

I like and accept Positive attitudes, language, and want people who join like,
Hip hop
young people on
and producers

If your bored and don’t know what to do but feel like being on
Watch my YouTube vids from my channel and please sub if you can https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJWrIqG6ghzDaQM4EbwTtA

If you don’t know what fl studio 10 is than listen to some also on YouTube and try to download it because It is very fun and there are so many sounds but to warn you some you have to download so good luck with that.


FL Studio 10. You can download the FL Studio 10 installer here and either update your current FL Studio installation, don’t forget to download and install a new FLRegkey.Reg file, or try it in demo mode.

TIME ZONES AND WAKE UP: I wake up at 10 am and sometimes a little later, and I live in Montana for my time on www.worldtimezone.com/ red in USA. Sometimes I would take a break on because I`m a busy kid so don’t worry that I left forever.

GROUP CONVVERSATIONS AND POST TRACKS: I allow all of you, a chance to get a shout out on the side tracks, I`ll post some but save it for you so I can listen to them and others to. I did also enabled voting so I can also get a chance to see who’s on the top, and If your at the bottom I`ll check you guys too.

And I will announce group conversations to see what we can do, and chat to give feedback on what were doing so don`t get confused. And I`ll try to give more activity’s to do in the club so if you have anything in mind send me p.m.’s. and positive stuff guys we work as a team. Lets do work http://images4.alphacoders.com/205/205896.jpg

And try to invite people so we can be in the popular groups


jleeparty Avatar
almost 9 years ago

in usa Montana

jleeparty Avatar
almost 9 years ago

tango time if you don't know what I said look up World Time Zone www.worldtimezone.com/ A world map with inserted clocks for every time zone in the world.

dxtrellis Avatar
almost 9 years ago

10 am in what time zone?

jleeparty Avatar
almost 9 years ago

good luck if your in and if you want to freestyle our need help ask me to pm and ya