Created March 7, 2012

Music for Fun

This group is aimed to give members a fun experience while they work with Soundation Studio. For Soundation users wanting help with basic studio functions or if users need advice on how to make a particular track work. This is also a group for anyone that would like to share their music and love of music! No special requirements needed. You’re a music lover and that’s good enough!


The Music Geek Collective

A legally copyrighted label where all artists have official contracts and get paid for their hard work! A label that gives all the artists a platform where they can finally live their dream of building a fanbase and getting their music distributed


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If you would like to learn more about music theory to help you make better music go to this group here linked above. I will also be there to give out some tips to help users become better at making their own music.


Currently putting together a little MFF Discord for members to interact.


Posting WIP (work-in-progress) tracks is fine. Please remove any previous versions before submitting new ones. Remove your WIP tracks before posting a completed track. This way the tracks page can be kept clean and organized. With so many (seriously look at that number) tracks to go through it would be quite a task for one person to have to go through it all to make sure everything is neat. So please, just do this small favor.

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cole jackson
2 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/cresylic/track/hi i worked quite hard on it

cole jackson
2 months ago

hey, im cresylic. i used to be under an account called joalker. which is now called "right nit" cus my friend owns it now. i wanted to return to soundation but i knew everyone who originally listened to my music probably wouldn't care now. so i've started again. ive posted my track hi, if you want to listen.

Iat Donwe
2 months ago

What the hell, only 8 people listened? I've been an independent artist for almost a week now and I demand superstar treatment.

Iat Donwe
2 months ago

Hey guys, I'm new to soundation and I just posted my first song. It's called "Bitch Adult." Please only positive feedback, I'm very sensitive.

2 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/SLIKWOLFWEST/track/neon-84 Hey guys, what do you think about new synthwave song?

Atstim Hunson
3 months ago

Any thoughts on mine? (Forkship)

3 months ago

https://soundation.com/user/SLIKWOLFWEST/track/insert-coin-ft-outzyder S Y N T H W A V E THIS DESERVES TO TREND