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Created May 13, 2012

Ministry Of Soundation Contest

Contest Is Closed

This music contest is only for the members of The Ministry Of Soundation
There will be a contest 4 times a year, with places of 1st, 2nd And 3rd. First place will win a free soundation intro account donated by PowerFX/Soundation, second place will win 1 sound set of their choice and third will get no prize but their name in fame on the results board along side 1st and 2nd. You may only submit 1 track ( it should be your best ) Your track must be minimum 2 minutes long No invites when contest is open

Once track is submited you can’t repost another track The Judges Mr MaJesTic – Admin
DJ Fox ( Judges may leave feedback and a score ) You will be judged fairly for your originality, creativity and skill in producing your music on your own and in your own style with any instruments, samples, loops, files ect you use .The track must be produced in soundation studio, you can have vocals, imported sounds , samples Or Midi Files. The 3 judges will give points on your track from 1 – 30 and keep a record until the end of the contest then totaled up to make the top 3 with the most points being 1st 2nd & 3rd.

Prizes For Contest
1st Place – Soundation intro account for 1 year
2nd Place – 1 sound set of your choice
3rd Place – Name in fame

01/07/12 – 1st The Devilstop with ( Lonely Day remix ) 2nd Cape with ( lost and found ) 3rd Snow Fox with ( Fire and Ice Omega )
01/09/12 – 1st G.E.Z with ( My name is Dave ) 2nd The Mango Brigade with ( bottles and cans) 3rd G-SPOT with ( Planet X (G-SPOT Remix) )

Contest starts December 1st – ends December 31st

Results will be anounced 1st January

Results -—-Date————-1st—————2nd—————3rd————-I
-———-I—01/07/12—I-TheDevilstop-I—-Cape—-I—Snow Fox—I
-———-I—01/09/12—I—G.E.Z—I-The Mango Brigade-I-G-SPOT-I

Leave us a comment if you want to join in


gregL Avatar
about 10 years ago

Now you know I couldn't turn down that invitation ;)

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
about 10 years ago

5 days to go an you can post yeeeeaaaa :)

XxMuNrOxX Avatar
about 10 years ago

I think im gonna post my dubstep song when the bracket opens

about 10 years ago

can i join this contest? or am i too late?

Skepic Avatar
about 10 years ago

I'm in lets do this!

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
about 10 years ago

It would be nice to see this group getting a few more contenders, feel free to help advertisee contest in whatever way you can, it would be good to have atleast 30 members before the bracket opens 1st June. Thankyou.

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
about 10 years ago

anything you think would win the contest Sikkah.

J.A.C.O.B Avatar
about 10 years ago

that sounds kool

Delica Avatar
about 10 years ago

Are remixes a good idea or no?

RHO Avatar
about 10 years ago

this group is awesome! :)