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Created January 22, 2013

Cheapskates (free users unite!)

Think you need a premium account to make good music on here? Nah that’s rubbish, I am a free users and think soundation is great without any of the paid stuff. So if you want to show off what you can do with a free account join now and post your stuff. Have fun and share your music!

Edit: Soundation are making it harder and harder for new users, from restricting the number of instrument tracks in each project to removing automation. This is really unfortunate. All I can suggest for those who miss these features but do not want to pay a premium for them is that you give audiotool a try.


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over 2 years ago

You'll be also on the Main Page as the Top 4 Followers! So, bye! I'll hope to see you soon!

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over 2 years ago

Hello! People! Hope you are having a good day, because I'm holding a Song-Request! Any time you follow me, I will ask if you want a song or not. If yes, then your song should come in three days! If no, well..Horray! You followed me! So, please Private DM me, and the #3-Day Song with it, too.