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Created October 03, 2012

Beat Hunters (SPC user group)


asadadadadadad Avatar
over 7 years ago

how do a build up , like all the kick startas to speed up

Xephyr Avatar
almost 8 years ago

I love the SPC :D

paulinaomel Avatar
over 8 years ago

Hey, look at my track. Do u like my music?

dead. Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Heres my beat. Heres how to do it. 1. Open SPC pack 2. Open the dubstep pack. 3. Turn kick pitch knob to the right ( High pitch) 4. Turn Snare knob a little bit to the left (Semi-high Pitch) 5. Click FX and select degrader. Turn rate knob to 69%. And the mix knob to 100% All the other knobs should be at 0%. For an HD Beat. Duplicate the channel and the content and have all the pan knobs all the way to the left in one spc pack and in the other have the pan knobs all the way to the right. (Optional: For a long snare. Use an open hat and the snare at the same time but put a closed hat right after

Aujanee Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Check out my tracks and leave some greatly appreciated constructive feedback. Thanks!!

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 9 years ago

killer group!! I'll deff be checkin in on this group every day!!

The Bilster Avatar
The Bilster
over 9 years ago

The second post is a beat simlar to Beyonce´s "Single Ladies". It´s a Drumline style beat. The bass drum part of is a variation on the tuba part, which plays the beats 1,2,3- - a, giving the groove an anticipated feel just before the 4. What makes the march so danceable is the “upbeat” rhythm, in between the downbeats, played on the clap. The snare lays out until the an of 4, so the beat has a syncopated but spacious feel. I pushed it to 100 bpm but it sounds faster and more club like than hip hop.

XJM Avatar
over 9 years ago

How often will SPC tips be posted?

XJM Avatar
over 9 years ago

I think I'll most definitely be using whatever tips come this way!

Aaliya Jeukka Avatar
Aaliya Jeukka
over 9 years ago