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Created May 30, 2012


Ugh. I’m failing school you guys.

I cant keep up with this and every thing else.

This account might be going idle. How do you feel about that?


Break The Record Avatar
Break The Record
about 7 years ago

HEY! EVERYBODY, please do remember to join my contest! http://soundation.com/group/the-fusion-contest Have fun you guys :)

T.H.M  Avatar
about 7 years ago

Hi, my new track 'ignition' is out and likes, comments, feedback is appreciated! http://soundation.com/user/T_H_M/track/ignition

U-Neon Avatar
over 7 years ago

My remix of Avicii's track "Levels". My best track so far, unfortunately I can't publish it anywhere else because of that copyright s**t :( http://soundation.com/user/anthrazite/track/avicii-levels-anthrazite-remix

Break The Record Avatar
Break The Record
over 7 years ago

Hey hey hey everyone! Guess who's back! THE ADMIN! Yeah. That's right. Looks like we've got some more talented musicians in our group here. Keep it coming soundation! And i'll keep it posted!

Technon Treason Avatar
Technon Treason
over 7 years ago

Check out my new track Instinct's right here >> http://soundation.com/user/teschno-treason/track/instinct-s <<