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Created January 07, 2017

Soundation Crew


It’s time. Soundation needs a new team. The old team is entirely inactive, and things are truly falling apart, not just due to the team disappearing, but also because of users creating unnecessary drama. We’ve had too many amazing people lost to this. Every time I log on, I swear it’s all just drama and people saying they’re going to leave. It’s time for a revival.

This new team isn’t supposed to replace the old team. We’re not a new team who does this for a living. We’re just a bunch of people who love the good side of soundation and refuse to see it die and along with it, opportunities for beginning artists die. It’s not supposed to fix the studio. We’re just trying to keep morale up and we’re trying to act as leaders. We’re trying to find ways around the bugs in the studio, and we’ve created a group to feature songs in. And it won’t be a ten year old picking mine craft parodies. We have people like Josh Riker and Phoenix picking out features. We’re trying to show that even if the team is gone, we don’t have to act like everyone is dying. Don’t be dramatic like the other users who have negative attitudes. Be one of those people we can count on to be a good leader! (By the way, I have someone who literally can hack the features :))

The Crew

- NiteLight (Manager*)


- Soundation

- Email: gstudios2015@outlook.com

- Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/nitelightofficial

- Instagram: @nitelight_official

- Phoenix (Studio Manager*)


- Soundation: soundation.com/user/PhoenixMusic

- Email: Phoenixmusic11@gmail.com

- Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/phoenix_11

- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_SZwlF6raTEyhtiTOGQ_HA

- Roix (Soundation Regulation* and Feature Team*)


- Soundation: soundation.com/user/Hailax

- Email:

— Soundcloud:

- Josh Riker (Feature Team)


- Soundation: soundation.com/user/jriker1061065306

- Email: joshriker16@gmail.com

— Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/joshrike

-Composed (Feature Team*)


- Soundation: https://soundation.com/user/dougj5028275

- Email: jordan.harbor.dougan@gmail.com

— SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-56136328

-SilentWolf (Feature Team* and Soundation Regulation*)


- Soundation: https://soundation.com/user/SilentWolf390Music

- Email: silentwolf390@gmail.com

— SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/silentwolf3ze/

ChromeClouds (Feature Team*)


- Soundation: https://soundation.com/user/ChromeCloudsMusic

- Email:

— Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/chromecloudsmusic

If you recieved an invite, you are now part of the Crew! PM me if you would like to join the crew: I may or may not accept!


-Cosmic Candy
-Cyclosa :(:(
-Tom Bellinger
-Kracked Ekho
-Calum Hood
-Sean Foxx
-DJ Mel
And Many More to Come.

Featured Songs: https://soundation.com/group/featured-songs
Request a Feature: https://soundation.com/group/requestafeature
Soundation Regulation: https://soundation.com/group/soundation-regulation
Support: https://soundation.com/group/supportandinfo
Studio References: https://soundation.com/group/studio-references
Tip’s n Tricks: https://soundation.com/group/tips-n-tricks

Open to suggestions, just comment below

Let’s get this going again!
*For more information, go to the support group.


Foresight Avatar
over 6 years ago

RIP Foresight? I never left lmao. Honestly though, how do you expect to run soundation? You don't have any authority on the site. It's great that you have hope for it, I do too, but I think creating a "new team" is unnecessary. The community can stand on two feet on its own, people just need to stop complaining about a few trolls and leaving. People freak out over unnecessary everything and just need to get over it.

AMT Avatar
over 6 years ago

Place that nobody uses anymore, and the precious few that do still stay are hardly active and waiting for the team to return. I started here. This is my home. Slocm3z, I know that you see it in a different light and not as doomed, but that's not true for everyone. If it is, how do you explain all these departure messages from people who are so sick of soundation that they leave and delete their existence from this site, or from all music. Like nkm, who quit because he no longer has a passion for music because of this place. I am loyal. I have an iron will. And I will not see this place die,*

AMT Avatar
over 6 years ago

Them a place full of people he who are in love with their creation and a group of very loyal and caring people who patiently took care of it while they were away, and patiently waited for them to come back. I want to hold this place down until they come back, even if nonr of the old users are still here and I'm frickin 74 years old. This place will stay alive. I don't Want Sonaris, who will leave if the features don't change by february, to leave. I do think want new users like silentwolf who have more potential than I do to not know where to start, because they see soundation and it's a*

AMT Avatar
over 6 years ago

Hey, Slocm3z I agree with some of what you are saying, but we aren't trying to remove the team. They very well may come back. But if/when they Come back, I won't let them see a broken pit. I won't let them see a place where all of the best people have left and are still leaving. I won't let them see a place where people hate them for leaving. I'll show*

Skyez Avatar
over 6 years ago

sure they will....

SLOCM3Z Avatar
over 6 years ago

And the features will change. Just be patient. Yall are too quick to assume that everything is ded XD like me

Skyez Avatar
over 6 years ago


SLOCM3Z Avatar
over 6 years ago

And yall helping is great!! :D :D :D :D But I'm saying that this group, and yall yourselves won't do much. You need to get the attention of the big guy (IAwake) and right now he is working. Taking his time, but still working. Just wait a couple of months, make the music you do, enjoy the site, help others, and guess what. It's not dead. And you didn't need this group at all :P

SLOCM3Z Avatar
over 6 years ago

And dudes. Seriously. TONS of groups feature tracks. They don't get big like the other ones on the actual feature page. It's not going to help much is all Im saying

Skyez Avatar
over 6 years ago

@Nitelight, there's a guy at my school, and his father works for the FBI. He practically taught his son how to hack into the system and unblock all the games, and hack the whole computer