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Created January 08, 2017

Support & Info

It’s time. Soundation needs a new team. The old team is entirely inactive, and things are truly falling apart, not just due to the team disappearing, but also because of users creating unnecessary drama. We’ve had too many amazing people lost to this. Every time I log on, I swear it’s all just drama and people saying they’re going to leave. It’s time for a revival.

This Group is for support you need. Simply comment, and one of our team members will get you covered. You must be a member to comment.

DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA! Doing so will get you kicked from the group and you will no longer be able to comment.

The Support Team:

- NiteLight

The Roles

*Soundation Regulation basically is CSI. They regulate the chat and comments so that everything stays in line. Studio Manager Basically fixes minor bugs and finds ways around bugs that can’t be fixed without editing the code.

Studio Manager manages Tips n Tricks and gives support to anyone who needs help with the studio.

Overall Support is pretty much just the info people who communicates with anyone who needs a problem solved.

Feature Team Selects the Features.

The Supreme Court is basically a jury who decides what to do with people who repeatedly get reported or have done something extreme.

Moral support goes around advertising this group https://soundation.com/group/TheSoundationCrew in groups and in also comment sections where things aren’t looking great.

If you have a problem you would like to discuss with the team privately, PM . If you wish to report someone, go to https://soundation.com/group/soundation-regulation.


Unchained-Madness Avatar
6 months ago

I have encountered a bug were anytime i click on the area were samples are placed the website comes up with "We have a problem" I've tried refreshing the page and resetting the pc but it still doesn't seem to work Can someone help?

Electric Thunder  Avatar
Electric Thunder
over 3 years ago

I feel bad about making new music because my old music gets pushed to the back, can someone help?

nukt  Avatar
over 7 years ago

thanks for roles