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Music Madness Competition Show (contest group) Group Profile Picture
Created October 04, 2013

Music Madness Competition Show (contest group)

Hey guy this is the competitive side of music madness. this is where all the competitions, contest and tornaments will be held.
To see what events are going to happen next you can read the event board on music madness home page and on the event board here best of luck to you all.

*no bragging
*no putting people down (no negative comments) NO EXCEPTIONS.
*keep the cussing to a limit (you can curse but don’t over do it)
*and have fun.
*be nice


*CONTEST #2 : theme: Game theme song
>>> okay so this is how the contest is gonna work . You all are gonna have to choose your favorite game theme song and make it sound even better a.k.a remixing. i know you guys can do it. so good luck.

>>>>Main Page:https://soundation.com/group/surf-the-music


1. soundkid
2. skyarmy
3. N/A


2. October 20th theme tornament will be starting up (for more info pm me)

Featured Artist

2.Kracked EkHO

How Everything works

ok guys so how this works is like this. do you see the featured artist board above yea well right now it’s kind’ve empty so to fix that a contest or tornament will be held some will be themed some won’t yada yada yada. and the will be three winners each one winning somthing special and all three will be featured along with their song their names will be recommended in the featured artist board and their songs will be featured. the winnings for the winners will be announced during the contest or tornaments so yea. the rules for the contest or tornaments will be in the rules board below the regular rule board. ALSO for certain competitions i will choose two people to be judges both will be chosen based off their skill and talent so yea the rest is self explanatory. so if you have anymore questions pm me ttyl. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE STARS YOU GUYS!!!


SkyscoutianMC Avatar
almost 10 years ago

let me be a judge soundkid

chiaki nanami Avatar
chiaki nanami
almost 10 years ago

I have a project due on October 11. Coincidence lol! I'll wait for other contests.

xDead_Wukongx Avatar
almost 10 years ago

I appriciate (whatever how you spell it) your invite, but I dont know how to Dubstep and really I dont think ill ever have time. I have 3 school projects I need to finish. Not that Dubstep isnt my thing, I LOVE DUBSTEP. But sorry. I wont enter.

DJ-King Avatar
almost 10 years ago

i'm 13 so what is dubstep i can't get on youtube http://screencast-o-matic.com/u/VqQg/Soundation

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
almost 10 years ago

ok im down

theoftus Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Well i turned 14 in september, so yeah. IM IN!

DJ-King Avatar
almost 10 years ago

@SoundKid : How old are you?

DJ-King Avatar
almost 10 years ago

i guess i'm in

Tac9 Avatar
almost 10 years ago

I'm in.