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SLOCM3Z Avatar
over 4 years ago

I love the vocals. and the 808 is awesome. i like that arp you bring in before the second drop. keep it up goiz!

Noah Millar ♪  Avatar
Noah Millar ♪
over 4 years ago

This is some good background kind of music! Great job! My feedback would be maybe add a bass or something with a lower tone just to make it a little less empty. Otherwise keep going. :-)

. Avatar
over 4 years ago

This' fantastic. The sound design of everything and the melody are great, and the vocals were actually implemented well. The really reverbed reverse part at 1:03 kinda didn't fit in well though, and the melody at 1:28 didn't change to stay in key with the bassline, but other than stuff like that it's lovely my dude.

Caffeinayt Avatar
over 4 years ago

Thx my guy

ShaBuki Avatar
over 4 years ago

Aye ayeeee issa lit