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King Davis Avatar
King Davis
almost 5 years ago

this beat is awesome

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar
Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals
almost 5 years ago

Thanks guys. I'm still trying to find that balance between headphone mixes, studio monitors, and that balance between over-saturated and under-saturated waveforms. I'm so used to producing with headphones I forget to triple check things on various speakers sometimes. I need to pound that into my head somehow. Thanks for the input! Much appreciated.

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
almost 5 years ago

i like it doc

ChordsBoy Avatar
almost 5 years ago

I like this a heck of a lot more than the previous version! This is super cool my dude :D