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[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 5 years ago

every one of this guy's songs are infinitely better than mine.

Voxel - (info in bio) Avatar
Voxel - (info in bio)
almost 5 years ago

good one.

Chordial Avatar
almost 5 years ago

congratulations man <333

ChordsBoy Avatar
almost 5 years ago

This is so awesome :D Congrats on the feature mah dude, you deserved it :D

. Avatar
almost 5 years ago

This track was supposed to be a collaboration project with Marinara, but for certain reasons she was unable to spread evenly onto the track.

Enjoy your sauceless feature

Noah Avatar
almost 5 years ago

vvvvvv love the vibes dude <3

. Avatar
almost 5 years ago

So beautiful. I'm inspired to try something chill like this, you do great work Mondaze. Glad you got featured again.

Katze Avatar
almost 5 years ago

@chromeclouds what's a bot? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

adidas rule Avatar
adidas rule
almost 5 years ago

wow this is good

mondaze. Avatar
about 5 years ago

I literally don't know how that happened @chrome, I just looked and I was like wtf? All my tracks are liked by actual people. Something happened after roam got featured.