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Sofia Losada Avatar
Sofia Losada
over 7 years ago

I like how you sarted the song and i think it was really funny and your ryhtm was good

Isabella Leon Avatar
Isabella Leon
over 7 years ago

very good i like it

Laura Giraldo Avatar
Laura Giraldo
over 7 years ago

i like how you mix the loops

Manuela Ramírez Avatar
Manuela Ramírez
over 7 years ago

Ilike the combination you made

Sophie  Avatar
over 7 years ago

I like the rhythm and the sound of the birds

Valeria Zuñiga Avatar
Valeria Zuñiga
over 7 years ago

I like the mix with the birds

Valentina Espinosa Avatar
Valentina Espinosa
over 7 years ago

cool music very good.

Isabella Rodriguez  Avatar
Isabella Rodriguez
over 7 years ago

I like this song because of the sound of nature and the electronical all together but i think you should have tried that it does not change the rythm

mariana-sanchez21655 Avatar
over 7 years ago

very,very good job lau cata

Ivanna Cárdenas  Avatar
Ivanna Cárdenas
over 7 years ago

good, i like your mix