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 timmysplit Avatar
over 9 years ago

NICE!!!!!!!!!! i agree with backbonez on the intro build up drop

duskmine Avatar
over 9 years ago


The Real VEVO Avatar
The Real VEVO
over 9 years ago

What are you guys talking about? Cinema? Noooooo. That's not what it sounds like. It sounds like narcissistic cannibal skrillex remix.

Sam Fumbelwilt Avatar
Sam Fumbelwilt
over 9 years ago

This is pretty cool. I like the wubbish sound.

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 9 years ago

You created brostep?? you should TRY to show Skrillex! I think he'll be a bit jelous and proud! :P

Andreas Avatar
over 9 years ago

Wow really nice feedback guys thanks! @Oozzie. No you can't buy this but you can make it yourself. Everything you hear is available in the studio. @Ma-Lacky. Well I did create the BroStep SoundSet as well as this track and with them both I was going for the Skrillex sound. But as written earlier this is made with 6 Wub Machines, 1 SAM-1 and 1 Drummachine along with cut up loops for the beat.

Ma-Lacky Avatar
over 9 years ago

its sounds like the brostep soundset!

Oozzie Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Are we able to buy this in the sound shop. I've never bought anything from the sound shop as i dont know the exchange rate for american currency. im sure id have to pay more cause of the exchange rate but i would definitely buy this once i get the money.

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
about 10 years ago

This is fantastic the wub is perfect, i really like this, so much skill !

GyroGyro Avatar
about 10 years ago

and awesome cinema remix but try to get the really high pitch to a mid skreech