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light160102 Avatar
over 10 years ago

awsome that rocks what oyther songs u published

Andreas Avatar
over 10 years ago

Hi Guys! Cool that you liked it. DJ XJM is right on the money but I also threw in a lowpass filter opening up along with the volume automation. Did it really quickly just to test the new widget player that's why there is a pop in the beginning. I only used the 128 Electro Soca Beat loops and the virtual instruments being fueled by the Epic Trance MIDI files. All available for free in the Library

XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

That "rise" in the beginning of this track is called a crescendo. Basically you start from a lower volume and increase the volume in a set number of bars or counts. It's a very basic automation using the volume control.

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
over 10 years ago

Awesome track. Did you use the soun files or your own mix because the change in pitch kind of surprised me.

MeloLyfe Avatar
over 10 years ago

How did you make it rise like that in the beginning????

Bryan O´Brien Avatar
Bryan O´Brien
over 10 years ago

That kicks!

Mo Rice Avatar
Mo Rice
over 10 years ago

More Rice for you!

XJM Avatar
over 10 years ago

Awesome stuff!!

dator Avatar
over 10 years ago

Awesome track maaaaan