How-to: Use the Mono Synth

The Mono Synth is a simple monophonic synth with two oscillator waveforms, a sawtooth and a square wave. Mono Synth is great to use when creating a lead sound for your melodies without much tweaking!

The Knobs

Mix: Set the mix between the two oscillator waveforms. 0% is the sawtooth and 100% is the square wave.
Pulse Width: Use to set the shape of the waveforms. Turning this knob will alter the sound of the oscillator.
Glide: Set the amount of glide or "portamento" between overlapping notes.
Amp Decay: Set the amount of time it takes for a note to decay to zero level.

Cutoff: Set the position where the cutoff filter should start to cut away frequencies.
Resonance: Set the amount of resonance (the "ringing") of the filter at the cutoff position.
Filter Int: "Filter Intensity", use to set how much the cutoff is effected by the Filter Decay.
Filter Decay: Set the amount of time it takes for the Cutoff to decay to zero level.