How-to: Use the Sounds Library

Soundation Studio comes with over 12,000 loops that are royalty free to use for any production you make in Soundation Studio. You can find them in the Sound Library on the right hand side of the studio.

To listen to the loops in the Library, just click on the loop. If you want to loop a preview file to hear it repetitively, click the Loop box next to the play button. To stop the loop from playing, hit the play icon on the lower left corner. To disable autoplay, check the Autoplay box in the bottom right of the loop library view.

Once you found a loop you like, drag it into the sequencer to a specific place and channel.

Fast Facts

1. There are two types of loops: audio and MIDI. Audio channels are for audio loops. Instrument channels are for MIDI loops.

That means audio loops from the Library can only be dragged into Audio channels, not Instrument channels or Effect channels.

MIDI files from the Library can only be dragged onto Instrument channels, not Audio channels or Effect channels. Unlike audio clips, you can change an instrument by clicking on the channel control and make changes to the notes by double clicking on the note clip.

2. The first loop you drag into the sequencer sets the tempo.

3. If you select a loop that has a different tempo (bpm) from your project, you'll be asked if you would like to time stretch or pitch stretch the loop to fit the current tempo. Read more about that here.