How-to: Use Effect Channels

About Effect Channels:

The Effect Channel is a channel type that you can use to add effects to several or all of your tracks but still only use one effect chain. You do this by ‘sending’ the sound of a channel to an Effect Channel using the “Send” effect. This is great for using the same overall effect sound without having to add and set up the same effects every time on every channel. It will also allow you to save precious CPU resources = more power to the other stuff!

The default Effect Channels:

When you open the Chrome Studio it comes preloaded with two Effect Channels, one called Reverb and one called Delay. You can add new Effect Channels if you wish by clicking the + button in the lower left corner and choosing FX channel. You can also delete the default ones. More on that in a moment.

Let’s use the default Reverb channel to add some Reverb to another track. We do this using the “Send” effect.

Click the Effect button on your audio or instrument channel and then click + and select the “Send” effect.

Up pops the Send window. Here you select where to send the sound. The drop-down menu will display all available Effect Channels in your song. Click the drop-down menu and select “Reverb” and your channel will now send the sound to it.

The Send FX knobs explained:

1) Use the Send knob to change how much of the sound is sent to the Effect Channel.
2) Use the Send Pan if you wish to change the stereo position of the Send from Left, Center, to Right.
3) The Output knob sets the volume of the “dry” sound and the how much of it is sent to any effects inserted after the Send effect.

Add new Effect Channels:

You can add as many Effect Channels as you like using the + button and choosing FX channel in the lower left corner. When you add a new Effect Channel it will be empty and use the default channel name. You can change the name to anything you like.

You add effects to these channels the same way you do with any audio or instrument channel. Click the Effect button and start adding the effects you want. There aren’t any rules here really, so try adding any effect you feel like adding and then start sending sounds to it the way we described above. Some of our effects have a Wet and Dry knob. When using them on Effect Channels we recommend turning Wet all the way up and Dry all the way down.