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Display, tempo & time signature

Set the display, tempo, and time signature in Soundation to get the right rhythm and measurements in your projects.


You can change the view of the studio Display in the Transport bar to show the Playhead’s position measured in bars and beats or in time. To change between the two, simply click on the Display to switch the mode.

The bars and beats mode is suitable for keeping track of the arrangement from a musical standpoint. The time mode is suitable for checking how long your songs or sections are in time.



You can set the tempo by clicking and dragging up or down on the BPM (beats per minute) indicator in the Transport bar next to the Display. Dragging up will increase the tempo, and down will decrease the tempo.

Another way is to double-click and type in your desired tempo.

You can also hold ctrl/cmd and click to tap in the tempo. The studio will automatically detect and set the BPM for you.


Time signature

The Time signature indicator is in the Transport bar next to the BPM indicator. It specifies how many beats there are in one bar and the note value that one beat is.

The most commonly used time signature is a 4/4, which is also the default setting. The first numerical specifies the number of beats in a bar, in this case, four. The second numerical sets the note value that one beat represents, in this case, a quarter note. Another common time signature is 3/4, which means there are three quarter notes in one bar.

If you have the Metronome activated you will hear the time signature represented by the metronome. The first beat of every bar will be a higher pitch.

The arrangement grid and ruler will also change visually when setting the time signature.

To change the time signature, you simply click the Time signature indicator and enter the values you wish to use. To change both the beat and note value, write the first number, forward slash, and then the second number.


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