Created September 27, 2017

XO Remix Competition

Yooo ik you guys have been waiting for this And now here it is the XO Remix Competition!!!!

Artice what are the rules you might ask well see that just it there are no damn rule! You do you boo boo xD
Use whatever you need to make your remix the ultimate one idgaf guys!

But for dat 1st place nigga look xD
1st: 5 of my sngs from any of my songs your choice, recommendations for 10 of your tracks of your choosing. A colab may be possible cuz you’ve proven yourself worthy. Bragging rights for like…shit idka year lmao

2nd: nigga you gettin 1 of my sngs your choosing, I’ll reccomed 2 of your songs. Don’t even ask me fo a colab xD an bragging rights for 2 DAYS jk a year lol

3rd: idek what to tell you I’ll recommend a song, maybe. Give you my digits? ;D nah but uh bragging rights same as everyone else an dats it man

Have fun guys and just give it your all really try don’t trash talk someone else’s music give good advice tell them what they can improve on the moment myself or the judges @Unique Stereotype and @LegionBeats sees anyone trashin another’s track you out no if an’s or butts about it. That’s all may the odds ever be in your favor!> :D
XO SNG. ~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4db957z8pgg9ks/XO.sng?dl=0&m=


about 1 year ago

I like your other tracks as well though (its just XO is my personal favourite lol)

about 1 year ago

omfg fuck yes love this chill hop