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Created November 11, 2016

Trap Drop Remix Competish

So, I was wondering if you peeps wanted to Remix something I wasnt quite able to finish using FL (Because I’m still an FL noob still trying out stuff) And I was wondering if you peeps wanted to remix this trap drop I made here – https://soundcloud.com/thereseemstobeanerror/trap_dr0p – And for stems I have those right here – https://www.mediafire.com/?rec2huhvc145zv4

There really isn’t a Time limit I just wanted someone from here to remix this. I just don’t want to fall away from Soundation since I got FL Studio. Have Fun Remixing! (Also, if you can’t seem to get the download from mediafire I can try another link, just make sure you tell me if you can’t)

Here’s a MIDI file for all Soundation users, also for people like Sonaris who somehow got corrupt files ;) – https://www.mediafire.com/?by0n02ddbdmk5bs


ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
over 7 years ago

its FL lol

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
over 7 years ago

ok. Uhh, is this FL or no?