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Created March 17, 2014

The R E T A R D S

We are the reatards of the world. We rule all the R E T A R D S. Hi im jackiejj. My dad is jack butcher and my mom is the boogie man. My grand dog says im special. She ate my brother then my mom ate her so my dad(jack butcher)killed her. Heyyy, im soccerlover07. My puppy dog is named numdumpoppee. He asked me to marry him, but I rejected it. Now he hates me. So, I have these other new friends, well i think. Jack butcher and beckbuttchew. Im not weird at all!
Hey im >> iguessthisismyusername.. i had something funny to say, but they wouldnt let me type, so i forgot, let me think about it……i followed myself,, i still dont know what im gonna say… umm…. potaytoes.. i forgot. boo.. .. if i remember ikll post it.. anyways, stay meaty my friends!


jackiejj Avatar
about 10 years ago

yell r soo lucky, yall r traviling(which I think is fun) and Im in school. P.S. hope yall have a good time! Love U both as friends!!!

soccerlover07 Avatar
about 10 years ago

hehehehehehehehehehehehe.ima returd

jackiejj Avatar
about 10 years ago


iguessthisismyusername Avatar
about 10 years ago

Stay Meaty My Friends