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Created September 08, 2014

The Best of The Best From Soundation

This is for some of the BEST users on Soundation. I may not be a big user myself, but I feel like others need some recognition. This group is invite only, but if you think that you are one of the BEST than send me a message with one of your best songs, and I will decide whether to invite you.

A note to all of you hard working soundation users and users trying to find their sound. Whether you are just viewing this group or in the group.

Sometimes, we lack the encouragement needed to go on. We think that we can’t do it, and that is all wrong. Keep experimenting to find “your” sound. Once you find that spark of inspiration, your juices will start flowing. Remember to try and try and try and try again and again and AGAIN!! I should know, because for about 6 months, I thought I was never going to do music again. So I spent all my time saying “That doesn’t sound right” or “Who would listen to that?”. What I should’ve been saying was “Okay, I’ll just restart and try again.” Where would I be if I just gave up?

I hope that little speech inspires you to do magnificent things, not just with music, but with EVERYTHING.
I will be featuring tracks after the competition, but for now please do not display any tracks. Thank you so much,



Emilee  Avatar
over 8 years ago

Okay, I have decided to start a contest in this group!!! I will be looking for more artists to participate, but for now I am having you guys compete. For this time I will be a judge and the surprise judge will come in later contests. This first contest is a free-for-all (as I like to call it). Make whatever genre song you would like, but the only rule is that is must be new. You might be more likely to win if you have a Halloween themed song. The due date is 2 weeks from today, so November 11th of 2014. Good Luck! If you place your song in another contest that is fine, it has to be new though

Xephyr Avatar
over 8 years ago