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Created August 13, 2016

Team Soundation Dump

This is a group, created by the presumptive nominee for Moderator of Soundation (lol).

Group members include my presumptive running mate, Cyberbit, and Foresight, my campaign director

You are not allowed to join this group.



This is a place for all the crap you all throw on to Team Soundation. Here, you can rant about whatever you want, say whatever you want, and do whatever you want. There is no moderation in this group. You can scream hoop and holler to your soul’s desire.

Note: You are only allowed these priveleges under the promise that you keep it all under this group. The purpose of this group is not to make you laugh, nor promotion, nor to give you a place to insult people. It’s to keep all the arguing off of Team Soundation. In total, there are 6145 groups today, and there are only 2 of them that explicitly tell you not to say whatever you wish in them. So please, post all the crap you want here, but please keep it off of Team Soundation.


Futilitarian / shtab Avatar
Futilitarian / shtab
over 6 years ago

Roses are red Bubblegum is chewed Our presidential candidates are morons America is screwed

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
over 6 years ago

I feel like i've been making hella music but my profile says otherwise... so much of my music life is either still in my library of songs or either are hidden from the community bcuz they are not good enough to been seen yet... who feels my pain?

U-Neon Avatar
almost 7 years ago

I miss the times when this community used to be so helpful and nice. Nowadays there's way too much ****posting and arguing I can't handle it. Just asking, why some people intentionally wanted to ruin this great thing we had going. I'd really like to love this site again but it's very hard in the middle of this bs and obsessed self-promoting. Rant over.

Foresight Avatar
almost 7 years ago

@NKM Trump will make American great again.

dxtrellis Avatar
almost 7 years ago

what even

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
almost 7 years ago

Operation Poop Collector fails at life xD

Still Jaywalking Avatar
Still Jaywalking
almost 7 years ago


Ooz!e454 (Using the studio limitedly) Avatar

And who is Usain Bolt compared to me running against my mom throwing her slipper in my face?? XD

Ooz!e454 (Using the studio limitedly) Avatar

US got much damn medals this year. lol

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
almost 7 years ago

Shrek is Life... Shrek is love