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Created July 24, 2012

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Feel free to join if you use Soundcloud as well :) Send links! If you don’t know what soundcloud is go here (Soundcloud’s website) and see for yourself. Basically it’s an online community of music producers of all genres and styles.


over 8 years ago

Hey guys, hope U r well, Iam a Vdj...Dark Progressive Noise is my style... check out ===> http://soundcloud.com/ro-angello <== ==> http://soundation.com/user/darkanon389 <== well ok...stay kool to everyone... ..::d*_*b::..

Xodus Avatar
over 8 years ago

Follow me on Souncloud: Nerd Gang

*BLANK* Avatar
almost 9 years ago

https://soundcloud.com/kyle-watts-2 <<< My soundcloud is here! If you want to follow, you can. If you don't, then don't. Either works. :D

DJfirebolt Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Just postet 2 new songs yesterday. And i got my first like this morning! https://soundcloud.com/djfirebolt64

paulinaomel Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Hi, like my track :) Im hard of hearing.

Cyber Posix Avatar
Cyber Posix
almost 9 years ago

Yo its Cyber Posix previously known as Cinos...I now go on youtube posting tracks I make...Check out my youtube channel and sub!!! I will sub back

Bindy_ Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Helloo everybody! I'm Bindy! I only have a free account, but I do the best I can! I'm only posting my best tracks here, but feel free to listen to my other ones! The longer I use Soundation, the better I'm getting, but with my limited sounds it's hard to come up with new and original songs. :/ Anyway, hope you listen and enjoy my songs! (Soundcloud.com/bindy-1)

Zammo Avatar
almost 9 years ago

check out my new track plz http://soundation.com/user/zammo/track/alchemy# thank you hope you like it

Vossler Avatar
about 9 years ago

Hi there!! If you like electro, techno, house, dirty dutch, final fantasy, mike oldfield, ace combat, 8-bit videogames... check my soundcloud profile :) https://soundcloud.com/imvossler