Created May 29, 2013

Hangout Pioneers

Official group for Soundation in Google Hangouts. Now open for all to join!

Post your Hangout links, discuss Hangouts, post your tracks made in Hangouts and have fun!

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over 6 years ago

If anyone is looking to collab with me on a Halloween Trap track with a friend of mine, PM me. Thanks.

Red The Second
over 6 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas or tips for making hip hop style tracks?

Logan Mars
over 6 years ago

hey guys, logs here. have you already listened my latest track? sorry the spam :p

DJ J beats
over 6 years ago

does anyone want to collab.

over 6 years ago

hi guys can i talk i not a nerd plz :(

over 6 years ago

Why, when I look at My Tracks on my profile, can't I download tracks I published approximately six or seven months ago? I really want to download one of my old tracks but it doesn't seem to let me.

Hologram Girl
almost 7 years ago Workin' on one I've been posting! Come on over!

almost 7 years ago

Would anyone be interested in being in a weekly collab show on youtube? I'm in the works of creating it now. Im talking live streaming to a facebook page. Message me if interested.

anthony balacco
almost 7 years ago