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Created July 04, 2015

Coffee and Brownies

Welcome to Coffee and Brownies!
if you are joining
Dont be a jerk
Dont be mean
Follow those and you’ll be fine
Coffee and brownies is for anyone, So dont feel like you dont belong
From superstars to the begginers this is open to anyone
The top 10 tracks will be displayed daily
Judges will comment on songs and you can give your opinions and i will look at them
I may not be online often so dont be suprised if i dont update the songs a couple times.
I will make special mentions to smaller artists on their tracks so they are not left in the dark.


Jez3 Official Avatar
Jez3 Official
almost 9 years ago

Hello people of soundation, do you think you could tell other people about me and my music. Here's my link: https://soundation.com/user/jec323

kyri kashu Avatar
kyri kashu
almost 9 years ago

Im going to post a few of my tracks as well Starting with the newest one: The City Soundtrack: Built from the ground up