Created September 19, 2018

Beta Studio Test

Hi Testers, thank you for participating in a beta test of our new Studio!

What’s the plan?

We will open this group for at least a month for all testers to post bug reports and general feedback. Your insights will provide invaluable assistance in the fine-tuning of our studio before its official release in the coming months.

What’s new in the Studio?

We’ve made major changes from an architecture point of view so our new Studio has gained a major performance boost. More specifically, the new Studio is based on WebAssembly and is using components that are completely new in a browser. This helps us build a more powerful and stable Studio which in turn lets you create more demanding projects. While there are no new features added to the new Studio, this will facilitate any further improvements and added features in the future!

What should I do?

Make as many tracks as possible using our beta Studio: https://beta-studio.soundation.com (Important: Use this link only) on Chrome version 70. If you find any bugs in the process, please comment in this group with the information: What I did, what went wrong, what I expected + Operating system + Studio and Engine version

Is there anything I should be aware of?

Yes. Please find below more info on buffer size/latency and some known issues:

1. Buffer size vs. latency

• Increasing buffer size makes the Studio work more fluently, with less risk of glitches but with cost in latency (recommended for projects with long effect filter chains and/or many SendTo effect instances).

• Decreasing buffer size makes the Studio work with smaller latency but with cost in risk of glitches and fluency (recommended for simpler projects with shorten effect filter chains). Recommended buffer size is 512 or 1024.

• In case of complex projects and need of short latency, try to mute as many those channels which has the longest effect filter chains and then decrease buffer size to 256, 512.

2. Known bugs raised by testers (work in progress):

• Some presets of WubMachine (using Retrigger) differs in the beta studio

• The studio stops responding when used for a long time

3. Current Studio version 2.0.1 Engine version 1.7.1
4. Improvements added

• Import of flac

• Import of mp4 (including import of the AAC coded audio track from video mp4 file)

• Option to enable Turbo Mode to maximize CPU usage

What will I get?

In return for your help in scrutinizing our new Studio, you will get one item from our sound shop for free at the end of the testing period.

We really appreciate your time and feedback. If you have any questions feel free to post here. Now, have fun with our new Studio!

Team Soundation

👉 Access the beta Studio here: https://beta-studio.soundation.com


Keylime Pie
8 months ago

I can't get it open yet, perhaps because it is first time opening it, and it also seems everyone in the computer lab has been experiencing the computers being slower today. It took several minutes (like 5 times as long) to just log into the computer, so perhaps I'll have to wait until I get home or try another day.

8 months ago

*out that when you play a bit of the track and then skip it (while still playing) to a part further up ahead (Like you are at 00:05 and you go to 00:25 ) the player will freeze and you will hear nothing. When you then put it back to around the time it was before it will suddenly work again. It feels like there is a limit to how far the player loads, which is annoying. ( this also goes for going backwards in time, like from 00:25 to 00:05)

8 months ago

THIS IS AWESOME! Its so fast and stable already :o But there are a few things to point out already:

-I decided to try and open one of my already made tracks, my first cttc entry. I scrolled around a bit and played some parts. Then I decided to open a true heavy track (Over 60 channels total) and did the same thing. These few things I noticed:

The first track did suprisingly well and performed really well. I noticed that instead of waiting in the studio itself for the track to prepare it already happened at the loading screen itself which is really nice. I did play it and I found *

Keylime Pie
8 months ago

Wow I'm here early. Guess it's time to give the new studio a gander.

Soundation Crew
8 months ago

Hi guys, we're excited to have you join the group! Please read important information from us above and let us know if you have any questions. Let's do this!