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MG from New Jersey, currently residing in North Caroline, is indeed the future - doing everything a modern music producer does and more.

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Multi-talented creative

From DJ'ing, producing, mixing and mastering to creating sample packs and reviewing gear for fellow musicians - he's truly a jack of all trades. We've teamed up with MG to bring you three interactive pieces of his artistery using our new sampler/step-sequencer module called Beatmaker. Open up one of his beats right here in your browser to remix and make your own music in our online studio.

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MG the Future - Future lofi

MG the Future - Future lofi

MG the Future - Future rnb

MG the Future - Future rnb

MG the Future - Future trap

MG the Future - Future trap

A humble teacher

MG has all the qualities of a great teacher. He's calm, methodical, thorough, enabling and motivating. We're all about letting the people behind the faders shine, so when someone like him makes use of his personality and gives us more than the music it makes us proud. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel!

The future of MG

Stay tuned with MG and keep on the lookout for his upcoming projects: an album with fellow artist Young Blaza, volume 6 in the samplepack series Trapanese, and several instrumental releases.

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